Povie is a web service which automatically makes the users appear cute according to their movements in the video. The easiest way to use Povie is by the user shooting a video by mobile phone or PC and then chooses a style, a frame, and motion stamps on our website. The user can get a video which is cuter than the original video. The users can enjoy watching the created cute video, and show it off to their friends with some message, and share it on the video sharing web site as a log data of their existence. The core technology of this service is “Kawaii engine” developed by us. This original image processing engine automatically analyzes the movement or poses in the video and decorates the video, which makes the users appear cute with so many visual effects and sound effects.

Video Decoration Service, 2009 –

Satoru Toukhisa: Concept / Creative Direction
Sho Hashimoto: Server side programming
Sosuke Okubo: Application programming
Atsuro Ueki: Art Direction

Demo Video

Research Grant

2009/07-     IPA Exploratory IT Human Resources Project Co-Creator(-2010/03)
“Development of Kawaii engine for Mobile Movile Automatic Decoration System”

Project URL



The download link is here

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