MYSQ – My Style So Qute!


MYSQ is an entertainment system with which the users can create an original promotion movie with their physical movements and share it through mobile phones. MYSQ is a concept which proposes a production environment for original promotion movies (MYSQ movies) in which the users can direct a sense of themselves and create a social communication tool using physical expression in the club culture. MYSQ is in the series of atMOS. HARAJUKU, the most popular place among teenagers in Tokyo, Japan, is the permanent exhibition space and inspires the design concept. We pursue cuteness in body design, motion graphics effects and BGM.

Video Print-Club System, 2004 – 2008

Satoru Tokuhisa: Concept / Design / Image Processing
Taku Kotabe: Direction of Demo Video
Ken Suguro: Sound Processing
Sosuke Okubo: Sensor Engineering
Tomohito Naito: Body Design

Demo Video

[Play #JP] QuickTime, mpeg4, VGA

Project URL


Asia Digital Art Award (ADAA) 2006 Digital Design Division Finalist Prise
8 December, 2006.


Satoru Tokuhisa, Sosuke Okubo, Ken Suguro, Taku Kotabe and Masa Inakage.
MYSQ: An entertainment system based on content creation directly linked to communication.
ACM Computers In Entertainment (CIE), Volume 4, Issue 3, July 2006.


“Booth your ego” new business ideas for entrepreneurial minds.
03 Dec, 2005.


KDDI DESIGNING STUDIO Next Interface, Tokyo, 5 March, 2005 – 31 September 2008.

Good Design Presentation 2005, Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo, 25-27 August, 2005.

Asia Digital Art Award (ADAA) 2006, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, 2-15 January, 2007.

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