Tentacula is an electronic life which reflects human’s imagination. The participant feels alive like a creature through its autonomous movements, silky body and slight luminosity. Tentaculas share information via wireless networks and behave as if they are one life. When a Tentacula responds to access by the audience, other Tentaculas receive the information and adjust the rhythm of expansion and contraction. Moreover, when someone touches it, an image will be projected on to the environment around Tentacula in order for Tentacula to mimic the image. The images appearing are a variety of images associated with “sea”. Every touch makes Tentacula search for an image on the Internet and projects another image at random.

Atsuro Ueki: Concept / Design / Engineering
Miho Haraguchi: Sewing
Satoru Tokuhisa: Image Processing

Demo Video

[Play] QuickTime, QVGA


Asia Digital Art Award (ADAA) 2007 Interactive Art Division, Finalist Prize
28 December, 2007.


Asia Digital Art Award (ADAA) 2007, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, 26 January – 5 February, 2008.

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