• 製作:凸版印刷株式会社 協力:浦上蒼穹堂
  • 製作:凸版印刷株式会社 協力:浦上蒼穹堂
  • 製作:凸版印刷株式会社 協力:浦上蒼穹堂

FLIPPIN’ is a user interface (UI), which mimics the look, feel, and usability of traditional books.

Nowadays, digital information systems in public spaces can be accessed for guidance in a museum or city. In these systems, the following three issues exist: how to ensure every visitor to easily access and use them, how to stimulate the interests of visitors via content within a limited time span, and how to solve usability problem which digital reading device have. Especially, the e-book usability problem is a big issue while user can efficiently obtain information and knowledge in a public space.

For these issues, we designed a a paper-based user interface (UI) FLIPPIN’ that retains real book usability as well as merits from digital display. FLIPPIN’ can operate content software by two actions; paging and touching some areas on the pages, using conductive ink.

We developed “Flip and Touch the Hokusai Manga” using FLIPPIN’, and had exhibited from September to March 2017 at Grand Front Osaka in Japan. This is a cultural interactive installation to enjoy Hokusai Manga painted by Hokusai Katsushika in the late Edo era using FLIPPIN’ and a display device with merits of printing media as well as digital media.

We conducted several field evaluations to compare this system with a touch-panel UI in a public space. The results not only indicated the positive effects of our system but also derived the design guidelines which are expected to help in guiding engineers in the design of Book UI digital information systems for public spaces.

Paperbook UI System, 2015-2017

Koichi Yoshino: Content Development
Koichi Obata: Harware Engineering, Programming
Satoru Tokuhisa: Service Design


Toppan Printing Company

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International Conference

Koichi Yoshino, Koichi Obata, and Satoru Tokuhisa.
FLIPPIN’ : Exploring a Paper-based Book UI Design in a Public Space.
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2017 (CHI 2017), pp.1508-1517, Denver, US, 6-11 May, 2017.

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