Bouquet is a web service for friends on social graphs to create an original bouquet and a message board with appearance of bouquet, when they want to celebrate guests such as birthday party and farewell party. The features on this service are “Message Bouquet” and “Bouquet Board”. Message Bouquets are original mini-bouquets that the users, who have less experience to buy flowers, can easily choose from several viewpoints such as original messages suitable for the images of guests, stories, atmosphere or colors of flower and so on. Even if each friend selects his or her preferable Message Bouquet, the appearance of the bouquet can also be beautifully adjusted because this service has an original color pattern that it can be made within 3 colors. Bouquet Board is a virtual sheet with messages that contains each Message Bouquets which were bought by the users in a same group. The design of the Bouquet Board can be used for an order sheet which will be sent to flower shops. Flower shops will make original bouquet with this design, and send it to the guests.

Takashi Kimura: Project Management / Message Bouquet Development
Kensuke Fujishiro: Design / Design Research
Atsuro Ueki: Project Adviser
Satoru Tokuhisa: Project Adviser


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