Kaztool is a mobile social counter application with a concept of casual and loose communication, that means communication is based on the features of mobile phone to kill time and to network everywhere. The users of Kaztool will experience the Count, Follow Labels and Follow Someone. First, the user can count anything he or she likes. When he presses a number on the mobile phone, a label is added which corresponds to the number pressed. Next, the user can keep track of how many a label is counted in total in real time. Finally, the user can follow what label his friends or acquaintances count. Kaztool visualizes the users’ current interests and works as media which have high affinity with search advertising or targeting advertising.

Mobile Social Counter Application, 2007 – 2009

Taku Kotabe: Concept / Design
Satoru Tokuhisa: Application Programming


MoMo Tokyo Peer Awards, Start-ups, Tokyo, March 2008.

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