WANIC Coconut Spirits


WANIC Coconut Sprits is the world’s first spirits made of coconut water.

We designed Fresh WANIC with a purpose to fabricate a new industry with abundant coconut, but it has several issues that its expiration date is short and it’s hard to keep the quality as product. For these issues, we got a new partner LAODI that is a Rum maker in Laos, and designed a new product, WANIC Coconut Sprits.

Although the 1st prototype was produced in Laos, we will start this business in the Philippines which is the world’s largest coconut production country. As there are existing coconut industry, we expect to get coconut water with cheaper price which is discarded in the coconut oil factories, and product our products with cheaper cost than getting coconut itself.

Although we aim to sell Fresh WANIC to travelers from the developed countries who visit to East Timor and the Philippines, we aim to export WANIC Coconut Sprits to the developed countries, and to get foreign currencies. As the first step, we released the 100 bottles of WANIC Coconut Sprits at Tokyo.

Product, 2016 –

Taketoshi Ando: FInancial Planning
Syuko Ikemura: Graphic Design
Yurie Endo: Product Planning
Yoshio Kusumi: Product Design
Godai Sahara: Strategic Planning
Satoru Tokuhisa: Product Management
Naotoshi Morizumi: Account Management
Naoaki Yamamoto: Concept Design


IWSC 2017 Bronz, July, 2017.
SFWSC 2017 Gold, April, 2017.
USC 2017 Score 92(Highly Recommended), March, 2017.

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