Swart Wall


Smart Wall is a new intelligent wall using “sensible node” which is a network-based architectural module and is capable of reacting to the environment. Smart Wall aims not to pursue convenience needed by the existing ubiquitous computing in the environment but relaxation or comfort. As an architectural structure as well as an interactive system, Smart Wall senses the movements of the people entering into the gallery where the Smart Wall is installed, analyzes them, and feeds back a display of colorful lights and sounds corresponding to their activities. These interactions will dynamically reconstruct the gallery which should be static. Smart Wall is the new way of architecture with ubiquitous computing technologies proposed from the viewpoint of interactive system design.

Interactive Wall, 2004 – 2006

Satoru Tokuhisa: Concept / Design / Programming
Tomohito Naito: Body Design

Demo Video

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International Conference

Satoru Tokuhisa and Masa Inakage.
Sensible Node: Network-Based General Purpose Architecture Module that Reflects Environment.
2nd International Conference on Intelligent Environment National Technical University of Athens (IE 2006), Athens, Greece, 5-6 July, 2006.


Keio University, SFC Campas, Media Center B1,Kanagawa, 31 March, 2005 (- 2009/03/31).

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