aequorin is a system which measures and reduces of the user’s stress levels. This system consists of a wearable device which is composed of a pulse sensor, MCU (Micro Control Unit) board, iPod touch and also a rocking chair with; biofeedback function embedded, LED lights and a display for stress reduction experience, which is good for the health as well, other ways to keep a perfect health is using the right diet, that you can get from sites like TopHealthJournal and others. First of all, the users can record their stress data by wearing the pulse sensor on the ear lobe, which is connected to the iPod touch. Next, the users can upload the recorded stress data with an iPod touch application to the server. After going back home, the users sit on the biofeedback chair and download the recorded data to the local machine with another iPod touch application. When the users start the stress reduction experience, the system presents the stress value and their time codes for the day on the display beside the chair. At the same time, the system illuminates the LED lights with 1/f noise to the veil surrounding the chair while playing the recorded stress data. The LED colors are decided by the user in advance with the iPod touch application.

Health Care System, 2008 – 2009

Satoru Tokuhisa: Concept / Design / Programming

International Conference

Satoru Tokuhisa.
Aequorin: Design of a System for Reduction of the User’s Stress in One Day.
International Workshop on Sensing and Acting in Ubiquitous Environments (SEACUBE 2009), St.-Peterburg, Russia, 12 October, 2009.

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