“xtel” is a development environment for “Ubiquitous Content”. Ubiquitous contents are real space applications that are embedded in day-to-day life and intended for use by consumers. Xtel comprises three tools: the “moxa” MCU board that connects to sensors and actuators and is capable of short-distance wireless communications; the “Talktic” programming/runtime environment for the MCU board that contains a JavaScript parser, compiler, VM and library; and the “Entity Collaborator” P2P network library that is capable of handling continuous information such as video and audio in addition to the discrete information from sensors. Its use both accelerates development and makes development itself easier.

Development Support Environment, 2004 – 2009


This project is granted by JST.

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Ubiquitous Content Project
xtel Tec Web


Satoru Tokuhisa, Takaaki Ishizawa, Yoshimasa Niwa, Kenji Kasuya, Yuichiro Katsumoto, Shuichi Ishibashi, Satoru Hasimoto, Atsuro Ueki and Masa Inakage.
Xtel: A Development Environment to Support Agile Prototyping of Ubiquitous Content
IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems D, Vol.J93-D, No.10, pp.1809-1821.
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International Conference

Satoru Tokuhisa, Takaaki Ishizawa, Yoshimasa Niwa, Kenji Kasuya, Atsuro Ueki, Sho Hashimoto, Kazuhiko Koriyama and Masa Inakage.
xtel: A Development Environment to Support Rapid Prototyping of “Ubiquitous Content”.
Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2009 (TEI 2009),Cambridge, UK, 16-18 February, 2009.


SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies DIY Hardware: Reinventing Hardware for the Digital Do-It-Yourself Revolution, Yokohama, Japan, 16-19 December, 2009.

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